Pilgrim Journeys
Ministry to Tourism

by Ralph Kleiter

Ministry to Tourism Director

Spiritual Travel Designer


Hello Travel Friends,

As you can see, I have just returned from Jasper National Park, an ideal setting for R and R. I recently celebrated my Anniversary of Ordination and it has also been over 60 years since I began designing and leading people in meaningful travels. Reflecting on the Gift of Years, I have concluded if I want to "grow older gracefully", I need to continue to "discover the Sacred through reflective travel" and share this possibility with others like you.

News Flash Just Announced

I have been able to secure... a very limited number of seats on the first come, first served basis,
by frequent request; here is your opportunity for a shorter program featuring Canada's superb Fall Foliage:

Maritimes Coastal Wonders

Martimes Coastal Wonders Sept 22 2024

11 Days * 16 Meals: 10 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 4 Dinners
HIGHLIGHTS... Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Cape Breton Island, Cabot Trail, Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green Gables Museum, Hopewell Rocks, Fundy Trail, Grand Pre National Historic Site

Continuing in the Fall of 2024:

We will begin in Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and Pyramids, which existed well before the days of Moses and the Chosen People.
In Jordan we will look upon the Promised Land from Mt. Nebo as Moses did.

Journey through Egypt and Jordan Oct 13 2024
From Amman, Jordan we fly to Rome for an exceptional Mediterranean cruise aboard Oceania's new VISTA

Oceania's Vista is brand new with all rooms having a veranda/balcony as today's market demands. The fares are slightly less but they offer all kinds of packages because it is not all inclusive as when gratuities, drinks etc. are included.
Their air fares can also be very good and Oceania prides itself as having the "Best cuisine at Sea". My groups have raved over their experience and they noted the great variety of ports and shore excursions.

Visit: www.oceaniacruises.com

Join us for a wonderful exposure to the Mediterranean and Adriatic:
Rome to Athens Oct 30-Nov 11, 2024
Athens to Rome Nov 11-20, 2024
Visit: www.oceaniacruises.com for full details. ** Our exclusive pre-cruise land program will be focusing on Florence, "Cradle of the Renaissance"

In short, seasoned travellers claim that cruising is considered today to be the best value in travel, especially if one wishes a fully enriching experience including our body, mind and spirit.

Ministry to Tourism Land Programs

Ministry to Tourism will offer a small party exclusive Pre and/or Post cruise Land programs (Athens and Rome/Florence) as well as our providers will offer Private satisfying small group shore excursions.
Final pricing can only be determined after final numbers are in place.


Ralph Leo Kleiter Memoir A Post-Vatican II Ministry of Discovering the Sacred with Parish and Travel Pilgrims

A Book from the Prairies of Western Canada

Ralph Leo Kleiter, priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, Canada shares the unique story of one who experienced the time before the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the following years that energized him. With the help of his daily journal, files and memory he writes candidly and high- lights his "steppingstones" and "turning points".
In twelve chapters, with meticulous details, his narrative outlines his rural Saskatchewan formation and religious institutional education; the background and interesting events in all the parishes he served; and his global experiences and outreach through a Ministry to Tourism he established. In several sections, the reader will be able to really feel the author's presence within the narrative.
The most compelling and intriguing aspects of the author's story are:
* The "behind-the-scenes" accounts within church ministry, from the pre-Vatican II schooling to his faith -related struggles within the structures of the church. Some readers can attain a deeper appreciation of their role in the church and the author hopes that his story might serve as a teaching vehicle for clergy and laity.
* His approaches in parish and health-care ministries, as well as his visionary personal charism in developing a "Spirituality in Travel" and a "Ministry to Tourism". Most evident, is his belief that the sacred is all around, making our leisure time matter in a spiritual way. The reader will be especially impressed in a final chapter presenting the richness of his travels and how life-changing they were because of his organization and determination.
Fr. Kleiter has written a voluminous Memoir, enhanced with over one hundred and twenty colour photographs in a pleasing volume of classic design. The work is a worthwhile read, because it describes a priest with a mission during the challenging years of reading the "signs of the times". By understanding the past, we can move into the future.

Pilgrim Journeys by Fr. Ralph Kleiter is truly an opus magnum, a story that takes us from his childhood in the Prud'homme Cudworth region of Saskatchewan to his present life as a retired priest in Saskatoon. It is an embodiment of an insight of St. Irenaeus, "The glory of God is the person fully alive." This memoir was difficult to put down as I read about Ralph's journey from his early years as a child of farming parents and a descendant of pioneer grandparents, the education and parish experiences of his youth and the seminary life which led him to his ordination as a priest of the diocese of Saskatoon. This was a time of great transition, from the time of pre-Vatican II to the excitement engendered by Pope John XXIII, who was committed to opening the windows of the Church to the world of the 20th century. It was an exciting time and a difficult time, both of which are communicated well by Ralph as he lived a very creative life as a pastor in both rural and urban situations. His ability to remain positive and committed to his life's work, maintaining his affirmation of the vibrancy of life is, of itself, a gift to the reader.
One very unique aspect of his ministry has been his ministry to tourism. As a young man he was drawn to the possibilities of photography, an avocation that trained him to be perceptive and aware of the beauty and uniqueness of this world. It appears that this was continued in his love of travel and, after ordination, his desire to open others to this world of wonder, beauty, and sacredness. This commitment to travel was both unusual and challenging but certainly within the challenge of the Church to be open to the modern world. His hope was to open the eyes of fellow parishioners and travellers to be attentive to the mysteries that surrounded them rather than glance at life with a somewhat jaundiced perception.
This memoir is a gift and a challenge to all who desire to increase their ability to see beyond the ordinariness of life to the wonders that surround us. James Schmeiser, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Western University, London, Ontario

After the read, as we hopefully enter post-pandemic times in 2022 and 2023, you will be enticed to join the author again in travels, all “Marvelous Masterpieces of Experience”. He hopes you would also find them to be truly a taste of life’s Pilgrim Journey.

Indeed, this is also your time to choose an incredible “Pilgrim Journey” experience.

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